Enting Water Conditioning, Inc. has served the industry since 1953 and has been meeting the needs of water conditioning throughout the world since 1965. Their objectives are to provide quality products at consistent and competitive prices.


Your family depends on you for many things, including their health. Nothing is more important to good health than water. And no one delivers soft water like Enting.

Soft water makes life softer, cleaner and easier.
  • Experience softer skin and lustrous, more manageable hair
  • Spend less time cleaning - saving money on cleaning products
  • Save energy while keeping appliances and plumbing free from the effects of hard water mineral deposits
  • Drink fresh filtered water any time you want it
  • Experience better tasting juice, soups, ice cubes, coffee and tea
As an Enting water specialist, we will help you determine which system will best meet your needs. We will consider your family size, ages of family members and the size of your house. Then we'll recommend a system that will bring you soft water for years to come.

As a licensed plumber and dealer, we will also install your new system, show you how to use it, be available for any questions you may have and service it when needed.

Here are some models of water softeners to choose from.

TwinFlo 100™

The New TwinFlo 100 is one of the finest water treatment systems on the market, delivering continuous soft water through a patented two-tank system. With the TwinFlo 100, there's never any downtime, ensuring continuous soft water whenever you want it. Made from superior quality parts during a rigidly controlled manufacturing process, the TwinFlo 100 delivers soft water to please every member, 24 hours a day.

The TwinFlo 100 regenerates only when needed, so you don't have to guess at your water usage to set the regeneration cycles. This system is also available with an optional Turbulator® compression backwash booster in each tank. This scrubbing feature removes iron more efficiently during regeneration and prolongs the life of the system when water is especially troublesome.

The TwinFlo 100 is virtually maintenance-free, requiring less servicing than other brands of water softeners, and comes with an exceptional warranty. All you need to do is occasionally add salt. TwinFlo 100 is available for either upflow or downflow operation.

Performa 268/460i and 268/440i

The Performa 268/460i automatic water conditioning system is everything you would want in a water conditioner. It is well designed, of high quality and solidly built to ensure years of trouble-free performance.

It has a higher flow rate and backwash and includes the latest in valve technology. Electronic controls, that use microprocessors, measure and anticipate your water usage. An optional mechanical timer is also available.

The 460i control monitors your water usage, predicting and preparing for future requirements based on actual water consumption. It minimizes your salt and water usage while maximizing efficiency, regenerating your system only when necessary.

The optional 440i clock control with the 268 valve can automatically regenerate your water conditioning system at fixed intervals.

How Water Conditioning Works

During normal conditioning, untreated water enters the system through an inlet at the top of the conditioning tank. As it flows down through the conditioning bed, particles are filtered and minerals collect on the ion exchange resin, providing conditioned water for your use.

During the regeneration cycles, the 268 valve automatically backwashes the ion exchange resin, cleans the conditioner of foreign particles and reclassifies the bed.

Additionally, salt is flushed through the resin bed to rid the unit of the water hardness minerals. Finally, the unit is rinsed with fresh water before returning to service.


The Enting Model 255/440i automatic water conditioning system features simple design and rugged construction, to ensure years of trouble-free performance. The double-hull mineral tank is constructed of filament-wound fiberglass over a polyethylene inner tank, for strength and corrosion resistance. An exterior styrene jacket covering the blanket of insulation eliminates condensation and enhances appearance.

The control module is easy to use. Two simple settings that let you program your water conditioning system for automatic regeneration which can be programmed at regular intervals for up to seven consecutive days, depending on the timer option selected. An extra regeneration can be initiated manually if water use is temporarily increased.

The 255/440i system features an exceptional Limited Warranty.


This model is similar to the 255/440i. However, the 460i electronic demand control is designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing salt and water use. The 460i control adapts to your conditioned water needs based on actual water usage. The unit automatically regenerates the system at just the right time saving both salt and water.
  • A sophisticated microprocessor uses information supplied by a turbine style meter.
  • Self-adjusting reserve capacity keeps the reserve to the proper minimum. A computer memory chip stores the essential water use data during power failures.
  • An extra regeneration can be initiated if water use is temporarily increased.
  • The 255/460i system features an exceptional Limited Warranty.

Model 6700

The 6700 automatic water conditioning system is everything you could want in a water conditioner. It's well-designed high quality and solidly built to ensure years of trouble-free performance. All you need to do is occasionally add salt to the brine tank.

Choose from three modes of operation: immediate meter regeneration, delayed meter regeneration or delayed time clock regeneration.

The By-pass valve allows you to isolate the softener from household water lines. It also enables you to shut off the water to your house should you so desire.


Experience the benefits of clean, clear water and improve the quality of your life by improving your water supply. Water is one of the most vital elements in your life and you deserve the best.

Add an automatic filtration system to your water supply to eliminate odors and stains, as well as improve the taste, clarity and quality of the water you use.

Depending on your choice of filter, you can remove acidity, bacterial iron, chlorine taste, hydrogen sulfide odor and stains, manganese, nitrates, organics, tannins, turbidity or iron.

Acid-Neutralizing Filters

Acid-bearing water can be extremely corrosive to expensive plumbing and water-using appliances, even dishes and china. An acid neutralizer can correct these problems.

The desired pH of domestic water is 7.0. When the pH of the water is below 7.0, an acid-neutralizing filter is highly recommended.

Taste and Odor Filters

Chlorine, along with other contaminants that may be found in a water supply, can be the source of objectionable tastes and odors.

Turbidity Filters

Sand, clay, silt and dirt can cause water to appear dull and cloudy (turbidity). A turbidity filter can restore water to a clear and clean condition through mechanical filtration.

Iron Filters

Iron occurs naturally in ground water in three forms: ferrous (clear water iron), ferric (red water iron) and heme (organic iron). As little as 0.3 ppm of iron is sufficient to stain clothing and fixtures. Ferrous iron is clear when drawn but becomes ferric iron and turns cloudy when exposed to air.

Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese Dioxide Filters

Soluble iron and manganese are oxidized by the higher oxides of manganese on the manganese granules. The hydrogen sulfide is oxidized to sulfate and an insoluble precipitate. These precipitates are then mechanically filtered out by the MTM bed.

When the oxidizing capacity is exhausted, the media has to be regenerated with potassium permanganate.

Nitrate Removal Filter

This Nitrate-Selective Anion Resin system removes nitrates even if the water is high in sulfates. High nitrate removal of 840,000 to 1,000,000 mg/1 per cubic foot is normal. The unit is regenerated with salt.


A simple, basic, pure necessity … water.

An essential flow of life. Water is essential. Water sustains life. We all need water. The earth we inhabit is three-fourths water. Our body weight is almost three-fourths water.

Vital water. Water is a daily, life - sustaining requirement. It is one of the pure and basic necessities in life.

Ensuring that the every day water we drink is safe, natural water that our bodies demand is as vital as the water itself.

Unfortunately, not all of the every day water we use from our taps is the pure, fresh water that our bodies desire.

The Microline® R.O. Drinking Water System effectively reduces harmful contaminants, turning every day tap water into the water that nature intended for us to drink… fresh, natural, life - sustaining water.

Some clear benefits of Microline® R.O. water:
  • Delicious, sparkling - clear drinking water.
  • Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea and juice.
  • Clean rinsed, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Crystalline, harder and clearer ice cubes.
  • Better tasting soups, sauces and meals when prepared with R.O. water.
  • Cost effective. The daily cost of bottled water will no longer be a concern.
  • Convenient. Fresh, clean water, ready at your tap.
Even more uses of R.O. Water:
  • Rinse your glassware in R.O. water for spotless, sparkling results.
  • Provide quality drinking water for all of your pets.
  • Nourish your plants and flowers with fresh water.
  • Fill your aquarium with clean, clear water.
  • Prolong the life of your humidifier or steam iron.
Microline® R.O. water is water the way that it's supposed to be. Water that looks, smells and tastes like drinking water.

How does the Microline® R.O. System Work?

The "R.O." of the Microline® System is the secret.

"R.O." is Reverse Osmosis. This is the natural process which sets the foundation of Microline® R.O. Systems. It may sound technical, but osmosis is a natural, organic phenomenon, a process that occurs in nature on a continuous basis. Vegetation, like trees, plants and flowers attain their nutrients by using osmosis to draw water from the soil.

The Microline® process of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) works like this:

The pressure from a household tap forces water through a Microline® semi-permeable membrane. This membrane separates the everyday household water at the molecular level. The membrane acts like a filter to isolate contaminants, reducing them so that the water becomes purer, Reverse Osmosis water, with substantially reduced dissolved solids and contaminants. This cleaner, purer, refined water is then stored in a holding tank, ready at your convenience.

The Microline® R.O. System is designed to produce worry-free R.O. water with less waste. When the holding tank is full, the automatic shut-off device is triggered and signals the system to automatically cease production until more water is needed. With 57 years of water treatment experience behind the Microline® name, there is a long-standing tradition of excellence and quality.

Thin Film Composite Membrane (T.F.C.) is the technology of choice, producing high quality drinking water at a fast rate. Since T.F.C. membranes are not chlorine-resistant, the advanced Microline® T.F.C. system features a sediment-carbon prefilter. This specialized prefilter prevents any chlorine from entering the membrane, allowing T.F.C. systems to be installed on both municipal and private well supplied water systems.

Bottled Water Coolers

OASIS® bottled water coolers offer contemporary styling with proven cooling technology. The one-piece polyethylene blow-molded cabinets are designed to allow easy access to internal components. All are manufactured to exact OASIS® standards for quality and dependability.

Cabinets are available in standard white, bright white, granite and black. Each is textured to help hide minor scratches and fingerprints.

For more information on any of the Enting products, please visit their website at www.enting.com


The KOHLER Aquifer Hi-Flow refill cartridge removes the impurities as small as 0.5 microns. It delivers filtered water at 1.5 gallons per minute - that's almost triple the flow rate of most other filters. And that can save you triple the time. What's more, unlike many systems require you to hold the handle down to receive water, a simple turn of the handle of a Wellspring beverage faucet will leave the water on for as long as you want. No more wasting time at the sink.

Aquifer Water Filtration System
  • Single stage filtration/adsorption system reduces dirt, rust, chlorine, cysts, turbidity particulates and/or lead
  • High impact plastic construction with stainless steel fittings/hoses for increased durability
  • ¼ turn quick change, no spill filter cartridge
  • Choose from Hi-flow or lead filtration replacement filters
Above the counter, choose from two gorgeous styles of Wellspring beverage faucets, offered in up to six different colors/finishes. Undercounter, install the Aquifer Filtration System, which comes complete with a hardware kit and one Hi-Flow filter cartridge.

The Aquifer mounts quickly under your counter in a slim, accessible package. KOHLER twist-on/twist-off filter cartridges installs in seconds and provides an average of six months of service. Brass fittings and braided stainless steel hoses eliminate worries about pressure surges that can cause ordinary plastic hoses to burst. Wellspring Beverage faucets feature the same ultra-durable ceramic valving and durable color/finishes as KOHLER faucets.

For more information, please visit their website at www.kohler.com